Why we need to do this

Groundwater abstraction from Oughton Head into supply was suspended in 2013 due to the rising concentrations of nitrates in the abstracted water. It was then decided that this source could not be used to feed into the supply network for customers without further treatment.

Site Layout

Water demand within Affinity Water’s supply area is projected to increase, and this increased demand for water means that we must look at all sources to ensure future supplies are not affected, including our facility at Oughton Head.

We are permitted to restart abstraction immediately, but the water cannot be used to supply our network without treatment.

By consolidating our existing facilities on the site into a single building, we will be able to add a process to significantly reduce the concentration of nitrates from the groundwater.

This will allow us to feed the water into our supply network and help provide a resilient supply to local communities.

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